LAST TUESDAY, July 20 7:00-8:30pm Canyon Cinema and San Francisco Cinematheque present Missed Connections Join us for a program of short media art and experimental film in celebration of the release of Canyon's Cinemazine #6: Missed Connections and recent publications offered by San Francisco Cinematheque. The camera sees something that the person using it does not — a luminous detail or furtive glance, a chance moment found only in retrospect; letters are sent (or not sent), messages sent into the void... 8:30-9:30pm Civic TV Vol. 5 with Bonanza, David Bayus, Sara Eliassen, Matthew Lax, and Marta D Strazicic. Designed by Marianne Poinsot. Presented by Colpa Press.

Join author Jori Finkel and artist Lynn Hershman Leeson for a book signing of Finkel’s latest publication, It Speaks to Me (Prestel). Featuring interviews with 50 leading contemporary artists, discover which artworks from museums across the globe have made an enduring impact on their work. NANCY TOOMEY FINE ART LAST TUESDAY, July 19 - Sunday, July 21 Nancy Toomey Fine Art will present a curated selection of works by NY based Brian Dettmer, known for his detailed and innovative art objects using the book as his medium. After a book or series of books is sealed into a solid form, he cuts into the surface, reading with his knife one page or layer at a time. Fragmented images, words and ideas emerge to expose and create new relationships within the book's internal elements.

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partnership initiative &Art&, and Vahan, founder of Los Angeles Artist Census and bar-fund, discuss the contemporary moment, its paradoxes, and different support structures for artists and art workers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. LAST TUESDAY 1-2pm All Possible Futures 3, with Jon Sueda and Chris Hamamoto All Possible Futures: Unrealized Archive uncovers “unrealized” graphic design projects that consumed many hours—sometimes years—of work, but were never produced. These fascinating proposals—ranging in form from PDFs to photos, dummies, models, and sketches—remain unmade but are deserving of serious discussion. Issue #3: Large Format will feature unrealized works that explore

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